He has recently been released from jail, and is on the rise to become Vice City’s ultimate Criminal Mafia. The events of the game keep following from the GTA: Vice City Stories.

The designer and conceptualiser of grand theft Auto is Rockstar North, and GTA is published by the group Rockstar games. It first ever came out in North America in the year 2002 for PlayStation 2, and since then, became one of the fast selling video games that year. After Rockstar realised the huge potential that GTA had, they further expanded into regions like Australia, Japan, and Europe.

GTA also was made available for person computers and Xbox. Following the success of GTA, and the demand for more, Rockstar Vienna revamped GTA 3 and it was made available as GTA: Double Pack. It was shortly after this time that GTA was made available for Android devices and for ios as well, to mark its ten year anniversary in the year 2002. However, the best of the lot still remains Vice City, and is considered to one of the most favourite video games by players around the world.

Now coming to the most interesting part about Vice City- the gripping story. This version has a storyline set in the 1980s that is unmatched and will be remembered till many more years to come. After having spent so much time in the prison, we have Tommy Vercetti who goes on to Vice City on the instructions of his boss – Sonny Forelli.

However, the true story begins once Tommy reaches Vice City. Opposite to what was planned, things go badly for Tommy once he reaches Vice City. He gets set up, and therefore is not even left with a single penny to his name and Sonny wants the repayment of his money. There are gangs, thugs, gangsters, corrupt politicians who want Tommy dead at all costs, and he must fight them all to take over the city.

After the prison releases Tommy, the overlord of the Forelli Crime Family – Sonny Forelli sends Tommy to visit Vice City so that he can make some money out of a drug deal that is doing the rounds in the city. Once he steps foot in the city, Tommy gets introduced to Rosenburg, who is in charge of driving him to the drug deal with the Vances. However, the deal gets ambushed, and the Vance brothers get killed, and all the money and cocaine gets stolen. Sonny is informed that the deal was set up, and then Tommy is put in charge of the whole situation. This is when Tommy comes into action, meeting the people who tipped him about the deal, getting hints about the stolen cocaine and money, and looking all over the city so that he can get the drugs and money back.

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