He is the time-traveling guy who has caused map changes and rift zones in season 10. This is something the seasoned players are upbeat about.

You have to find two of these zones in each challenge. The locations that you have to find are - Retail Row, Floating Island, Moisty Palms, Starry Suburbs, Greasy Grove and Gotham City. When you are able to find all these places, a white visitor scientist's skin gets unlocked.

Listed below are useful details on these locations:

Floating Island

You will get one tape here and it can be spotted even from a distance. Once you reach the island look for a yellow-colored truck located next to a building. In the truck bed, you can find the Visitor recording. The island can be seen from the Battle Bus easily.

Starry Suburbs

Starry Suburbs is the newest location of the game, so far. You need to find a red brick building-which is also the tallest building. Inside the pink-hued building with a pointed roof, the Visitor Recording is located. You will have to go 2 floors upwards and get an inside room from the stairs. It is placed on a bed.

Gotham City

You need to reach the Monarch Theater here. Outside the main entrance of that theater, you will see the Visitor Recording.

Greasy Grove

Once you reach Greasy Grove, just go to the taco restaurant. The Visitor Recording can be found at the booth table near the bathroom. You have to explore the north-west side. Once you find the eatery, use the main entrance.

Moisty Palms

You will need to find the town’s tallest building-which is a large hotel. You have to look for 'Paradise Palms'. On top of that hotel, you will get the Visitor Recording.

Retail Row

At Retail Row, you have to find the bookstore and then reach the 2nd floor. Near the window, on the ground, there is the Visitor Recording. To make things easy, land in its eastern side and then head to the store.

Summing it all up

So, you can see that finding all the Visitor Recording locations is not that hard! You just need to follow the guidelines.

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