The reason behind its lasting popularity is the continuous effort of the developers to make it more interesting for the players. Now, you can play the game using different types of OS, devices and consoles. An Augmented reality edition as well as an educational version of Minecraft is also available. If you are new to this immensely popular game, you can gain by utilizing some handy tips and tricks.

How you can enhance your gameplay experience

Minecraft by itself is pretty addictive and when you know about the customization options, you can get more thrills. Listed below are some useful tips:

Playing for free

Yes, that is actually possible. If you agree to play in your web browser, this game can be played for free. Of course, the game rendering quality will take a hit. Some of the features will also be unavailable.

Using cheats and commands

Have you always wished if you could get the power of invincibility to defeat all enemies in Minecraft? Or have you ever thought of making your weapons more durable? These are actually possible when you use the Minecraft cheat codes. In fact, you can do a lot more to a large extent by using such commands.

New skins

The default in game character in Minecraft can also be altered by using new skins. You can pick from a diverse range of skins including popular cartoon as well as superhero characters. Some horror film-based skins are also available.

The shaders

Have you wished if the Minecraft world could look a tad brighter and realistic? The only way to achieve this is by using apt shaders. The shaders can be used to add more depth to shadows, make lighting more enticing and cerate reflections on water surface and more.

Minecraft Nether

For some players, exploring the underworld in Minecraft is more interesting than all other activity options. If you are one of them, using the Minecraft Netherite update is prudent. It just throws open a lot of underworld exploration options.

The servers

The default blocky visuals of Minecraft give it a unique identity and that is loved by millions of players. However, you can give the blocky virtual world a makeover by using various servers. The servers let you import the ambiance of other popular games and augment the gameplay experience.

The seeds

By using Minecraft seeds, you can change the layout of the virtual world. The various environments can alter your gameplay experience. It can give you more adventures to explore.

Other activities- You can do so any things in this game that boredom will never be able to seep in. From taming wild animals to do virtual farming and making robust houses- the options are endless. You can explore your creative side or indulge in slaying the enemies of varying types that appear after sunset.

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